“Amber Alonzo has clearly taken her love of and passion for dance and created a wonderful dance studio full of talented, professional and enthusiastic teachers following their passion just like Amber. My daughter has loved every class she’s taken at EDS! We wouldn’t go anywhere else for a dance class!”
– Stacy

We have been blessed to have our daughter at Expression Dance Studio for a couple of years now and all we have to say is that Amber Alonzo and her staff are simply fantastic. They love what they do and they care about the dance education of the children. Amber is patient, sweet, and dedicated. We recommend her studio to anyone that is looking for a competent, fun, and wonderful dance studio!
– David

My daughter is beginning her third year at Expression Dance Studio. She had been taking dance classes at other studios since she was four-years-old but when she began at Expression Dance Studio she went from “taking dance classes” to DANCING! The change is dramatic. She developed a true love for dance. Her technique and ability to pick up choreography improved rapidly. She enjoys being part of a cohesive group dedicated to a common goal. I attribute all of this to Amber Alonzo and the environment she has created at Expression. While being an amazing dance teacher and choreographer herself, she has surrounded herself with a stellar faculty. All the teachers are accomplished, friendly, and positive. They earn the respect of the dancers. This enables them to encourage the dancers to do their best and make good use of their time in class. Amber has created a warm, supportive atmosphere where the dancers think of each other as friends rather than competitors. When the dancers attend competitions with other dance studios, Amber makes it clear to our dancers that the focus is on doing their best, learning from the experience, and having fun. My daughter’s life has been greatly enriched by being a part of the family at Expression Dance Studio. She is always looking forward to the next time she gets to go dance!
– Nancy

When trying to find a dance studio for my daughter Annie, I struggled. While she doesn’t need special needs per se she was born without external or middle ears. Imagine my surprise when we came in to talk with the front office and was told that the instructor would be willing to use a FM transmitter to make my daughters dance experience the best it could be. Flash forward to the first class. In our zest to get to the studio on time we left our FM transmitter at home. When I went to explain to our instructor Ms. Jess that we left it at home, imagine my delight when she asked me if Annie knew sign language. Our Annie does know ASL. Jess told me that she knew ASL and could help Annie through the class. I started crying with relief and knew we were where Annie was meant to be. I don’t know if you can use any of this. The only time I see/saw you was/is at the Recital and that is not the time to chat. I just wanted you to know how much your studio means to us. Annie loves her dance class and now we are taking classes with Miss. Lizzy and she has been equally as wonderful. Thank you from the bottom of my mommy heart.

– Jamie (a.k.a Annie’s Mommy)


The dance teachers at Expression Dance Studio have not only given our dancer the skills and technique she needs to dance well, they have encouraged her to be a good person. They provide opportunities to work toward written goals, have dreams, be part of a team, cooperate, show compassion, have confidence and perform. All of this while having a ton of fun! The enthusiasm they show everyday is amazing. The friendships she has formed through dance are special.
– Kerstin

All I know is Gracie is so excited to go to dance lessons. She has such a good time. I love the recitals you have in June! Keep up the good work.
– Grandma Kay

EDS has provided my daughter with quality dance instruction, creative choreography, and an opportunity for growth as a dancer, but that is not why we are at the studio. We are at EDS because of the positive atmosphere, excellent role models, and focus on character development. My daughter dances 5 days a week and it is important that her teachers are not only teaching dance but also how to be kind, compassionate, and honest. I believe the real win at competition is not the trophy but the lessons you learn along the way. EDS provides the winning lessons that will help my child grow into not only a beautiful dancer but also a beautiful person.
– Cindy